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How A Custom Canopy Can Be Used To Effectively Promote Your Business

It's an eternal struggle for small businesses. They need to advertise in order to capture the attention of potential customers. But most just don't have the budget to pay for big-time exposure, which can be very pricey. How pricey? Well, according to Time, a 30-second spot in the 2015 Ohio State versus Oregon college championship football game cost approximately $1 million per 30-second slot. And while print media may be cheaper, a full-page color ad in the New York Times will still run you about $50,000. Fortunately, there are still ways to get important customer exposure, possibly even some television or print media time, for just the cost of a custom canopy.

Say What?

If you're familiar with canopies, you may just think of them as a great place to huddle under during a rain storm or as a means to get out from under the hot sun. But for a business, a custom canopy can be so much more. How? Well, emblazoned with your company's name and image, a canopy can be an effective way to advertise your business. Here are a few examples of places where a custom canopy could give your business much needed exposure:

  • Special events related to your business or that appeal to your customer base. If for example, you have a fitness apparel store, you might want to offer to pass out water at a 10K. Of course, you'll want to do so under your customized canopy so everyone will get to know the name of your company. 
  • Tailgates or fun gatherings. Consider purchasing tickets for an event like the Gold Cup steeplechase and invite potential clients to enjoy a picnic under your canopy. Or you could set your canopy up at a tailgate so all the other revelers can see the name of your company. 
  • Set up a tent sale under your custom-made canopy in your parking lot. Tent sales can draw attention to and bring curious new customers to your business. 
  • Sell offsite. Do you have excellent baked goods or sell t-shirts? Then consider asking your local high school or church if you can sell your items under your canopy at their next fund-raising event or football game. 

Choosing a Canopy

To be effective, your canopy should ideally be:

  • Eye-catching. Use bright colors or appealing designs on your canopy. 
  • Memorable. You want your customer base to remember your logo or mascot, so make sure your canopy reflects these. For example, if you use a kangaroo as your mascot, don't confuse your potential customers by using a frog on your canopy. 
  • Set up in an area where you could potentially be seen on television or be captured by print media cameras. Is there a finish line to the event you will be attending? Then set up your custom canopy near it. Chances are a number of photographers may be stationed in that area. 

Self Promote Using Your Canopy and Social Media

It's important not to just rely on good fortune to get your company's name and canopy in the spotlight. You can help yourself out by using social media, such as Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, to blast out photos of your staff under your custom-made canopy. You can also encourage your customers to use social media to help promote your business. For example, offer customers a small 10 or 20 percent discount if they post pictures of your canopy and your goods on social media. 

As you can see, you can use something as simple and as inexpensive as a custom canopy as an effective means to advertise your business. There really is no reason why having a limited budget should keep your business's name from getting out in the public.