5 Reasons The Step-Through Frame Is Best For Cycling With A Baby

If you have a baby or toddler that is now ready to be safely transported by bicycle, you may be eager to purchase a new bike seat and start exploring your neighborhood together. Before you get started, you should rethink the way you cycle and how having a baby on board will change your experience. You may even decide you need a new bicycle to accommodate riding as a pair, and if you do, you should definitely consider a step-through frame.

Golfing & The Simpsons: Hit The Links As Your Favorite Character

Whether it's mini-golf or a full course, many characters on "The Simpsons" have hit the links during the 26 seasons of the show. As you plan to hit the course for a day of golfing, there are plenty of ways to look like your favorite character from the show. Instead of dressing like a Halloween costume, you can shop for golf apparel that is inspired from the show. These clothes are easy to find and add a subtle nod to your favorite character.

How A Custom Canopy Can Be Used To Effectively Promote Your Business

It's an eternal struggle for small businesses. They need to advertise in order to capture the attention of potential customers. But most just don't have the budget to pay for big-time exposure, which can be very pricey. How pricey? Well, according to Time, a 30-second spot in the 2015 Ohio State versus Oregon college championship football game cost approximately $1 million per 30-second slot. And while print media may be cheaper, a full-page color ad in the New York Times will still run you about $50,000.