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Golfing & The Simpsons: Hit The Links As Your Favorite Character

Whether it's mini-golf or a full course, many characters on "The Simpsons" have hit the links during the 26 seasons of the show. As you plan to hit the course for a day of golfing, there are plenty of ways to look like your favorite character from the show. Instead of dressing like a Halloween costume, you can shop for golf apparel that is inspired from the show. These clothes are easy to find and add a subtle nod to your favorite character.

Homer Simpson

The goofy father from "The Simpsons" is one of the easiest outfits to emulate on the golf course. His main outfit is a white polo, which can easily be purchased at a golf shop. Keep the polo as plain as possible, though a small logo is fine on the chest area.

Homer usually wears blue pants, which are portrayed are jeans in most episodes. While jeans are not ideal for the golf course, you can duplicate the look with a pair of blue pleated pants. Complete the Homer Simpson look with a pair of black golf shoes. The simple look is easy to pull off on the course and works for all types clubhouses.

Bart Simpson

Bart Simpsons has hit up the mini-golf course on "The Simpsons," but you need to mature his look a little bit for a full-sized course. Bart's signature color is red, easy to duplicate through a red polo shirt. During the summer months, you can match his signature blue shorts with a pair of blue golfing shorts. The blue and red may be a little bold for your own tastes, so it's a good idea to consider lighter pastels that won't be so bright on the course.

Bart is also known to wear a baseball cap from time to time. He wears a dark red forward facing hat. This is a nice accessory for your outfit and can add more to the overall look. Complete the Bart Simpson design by wearing a pair of blue golfing shoes or cleats.

Lisa Simpson

Showcase Lisa's simple fashion on the course and infuse a lot of your red into your outfit. On the show, Lisa is known for her trademark red dress. This look can be duplicated on the golf course in two different ways.

  • Red Dress: Purchase a one piece red golfing dress. These dresses are made with flexibility and swinging ability. Dresses like this do not go too low, so your knees are not impacted while you swing.
  • Skirt and Shirt Combination: A red golfing skirt can help match Lisa's style. Top it off with a yellow shirt to match The Simpson's signature skin color, as an additional red shirt would not match well on the golf course.

Once you choose the outfit of your choice, finish it off with a pair of red golfing shoes. These shoes should be the same shade of red as the dress or shirt if possible.

Marge Simpson

Marge's typical outfit on "The Simpsons" includes a plain tan dress, but you can dive deeper into episodes to help find more inspiration. When Marge plays sports like tennis, she wears a trademark outfit that would go great on the course.

Start the outfit off with a light purple golfing polo. Pair the polo with a dark purple skirt to help match tones and contrast. Marge also wears a lot of visors when she does sports. A simple white visor can emulate her look and goes great on the course. If your hair is long enough, place it up and high to recreate Marge's signature style. Complete the Marge Simpson golf outfit with a pair of red or white golfing shoes.

Look for additional inspiration through the vast majority of supporting characters featured on the show. It can help you mix up styles and designs for your golf apparel each time you play on the course.