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Four Great Boats For Fishermen

Are you a fishing enthusiast who has spent too many years fishing from the shoreline or from your best buddy's boat? Is it time to for you to finally bite the bullet and get your own boat? If so, here are four great boats that work exceptionally well for fishermen.


If you've never owned your own boat before, a great first boat is a dinghy. These little boats are small and lightweight, so they are super easy to transport. They can even be strapped to the roof of a vehicle so that you can easily change your fishing location. They are powered either by oars or sails, so you may have to depend on manpower or the wind to get around on the water. If you do need more power, you can attach a small outboard to the dinghy.

Jon Boats

Another great watercraft for first-time boaters, Jon boats are simple utility crafts mainly used in shallow water. They work well for fishing since they can go where larger boats can't. Most of them are around 12 feet long and usually contain bench seats. Jon boats, or car-toppers as they are sometimes called, are usually made out of aluminum or fiberglass and have a flat-bottomed design.

Center Console Boats

If you are looking for a fishing boat with plenty of room and lots of deck space from which to fish, a center console boat might be a good option. All of the controls on this boat are located in the center, hence the name of the boat. Because of the open hull, fishermen can walk from bow to stern without the console getting in the way. These boats come in a variety of sizes from 15-footers to 42-footers.


If you are wanting a boat that is great for fishing but is also good for water sports and has enough room for the whole family, a bowrider is a great choice. This type of boat has an open bow area that allows for extra seats in front of the helm. Considered a family boat, this is also a good boat for those who have never owned one before. The hulls on these boats are V-shaped that come to a point at the bow which makes it great for sharp turns at faster speeds. They also usually come with a ladder that makes it easy to get in and out of the water.

There are other boats that work well for fishing, but if you are just starting your search, these four boats are a great place to start looking.