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Beginner Equipment Buying Tips To Help You Catch Trout

Fishing is one of the most popular recreational activities within the Unites States, with over $15 billion dollars spent every year on equipment and supplies. There are almost 50 million fishermen in the country, and you may be considering joining the ranks of the fishermen in your area. If you live in the northeastern part of the country by one of the great lakes, then you have access to trout. If you want to start trout fishing, then learn about a few things you are going to need before going on your first fishing adventure.

Go With A Short Rod And A Light Line

Lake trout love to sit near the bottom of lakes where the water is cold and rich in oxygen. This means that you are not likely to see them, and this can make fishing a challenge. Getting your lure deep into the water can be difficult as well. As a new fisherman, you are likely to strike the water with a great deal of force and create friction as the lure sinks into the water. This can quickly scare away a school of fish.

You can reduce friction concerns by purchasing a rod with a lighter line. Look for a braided line to catch trout. Braided line is thinner and stronger than commonly used nylon monofilament line. For example, a 20 pound braided line is the same thickness as a 6 pound nylon line. A 20 pound line can withstand 20 pounds of pressure at its weakest point. Since trout can reach up to 40 pounds, this can help you to pull up larger fish out of the water without having to purchase a thick line that may create friction. 

Once you have chosen the correct line, you will also need to pick out the right rod. A rod that is able to release your lure with a long line is necessary so the deep trout can be reached. This requires swift flicking of the rod and good control to force the lure outward. Shorter rods are ideal for optimal control. You also will need to find a rod with a medium or heavy action. The action describes the way the rod flexes, moves, and releases a lure into the water. Since a heavier lure is likely to be used during trout fishing, a medium or heavy action is needed.

Purchase Some Spinner Lures

Trout eat a wide variety of insects, smaller fish, worms, and crustaceans. Unless you want to try your hand at fly fishing, you will need to use a lure that looks like the types of food that live in the water. Larger trout are more likely to eat small fish, but all different sizes of trout seek out and eat leeches and other worms. Leeches specifically provide a great deal of calories and nutrients. If you want the most bites on your lure, then you can purchase a common worm or leech fishing lure.

If you want a successful fishing trip with trout that are big enough to take home and eat, then you should purchase several spinner lures. Spinners are lures with flat metal blades that spin around as they sink in the water. The spinning motion and the reflection of light off the lure mimics the movement of small fish that a trout may normally eat. To attract the most trout in medium and large sizes, opt for a spinner with smaller blades. The spinner can be added to the end of your fishing line with or without live bait. As you cast your line, you want the spinner to sink deep enough to attract trout that are not currently at the water's edge feeding. This means that you should not start reeling in the line as soon as the lure hits the water. Count for three or four seconds until the lure has the opportunity to sink and then start reeling it in. 

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