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Three Unique Goody Bag Gifts For Your Child's Party

If you're like many parents, you can't stand the thought of guests leaving your child's birthday party without a goody bag or some sort of souvenir of thanks for their attendance. However, planning the contents of the goody bags at your child's birthday party can sometimes be almost as stressful as planning the party itself. You may not want to foist cheap plastic toys or sugary candy on other parents and could be reluctant to spend money on cheap items that are likely to be thrown in the trash within a day or two. Read on for three sugar-free goody bag gifts that can make any child's day brighter.

Plantable seed packets

Perennial flowers can be a gift that keeps on giving, calling up fond memories of the giver each time the recipient enjoys a bloom. However, sending potted plants home with young children is likely to cause even more parental consternation than loud plastic noisemakers or sticky candy.

Fortunately, a number of different companies have created plantable seed packets made from recycled paper and other materials that provide nutrients to the seed. These seeds are dried into the paper itself, so the recipient will need only to plant the piece of paper in soil and water it every few days to grow a beautiful flower.

These seed papers come in a variety of different designs, colors, and even functions—from bookmarks that can be planted when the book is finished to gift tags or even Christmas tree ornaments. Handing out plantable seed packets at your child's birthday party can give all his or her guests a fun, unique, and waste-free gift to remember.

Rubber band guns

These guns are ideal souvenir gifts from birthday parties, as they can be as simple or intricate as you'd like and are almost endlessly personalizable. A rubber band gun can shoot rubber bands from a fairly lengthy distance using a clothespin or other device to hold one end of the band steady.

If your child and his or her peers are interested in engineering, construction, or painting, you can even incorporate a do-it-yourself rubber band gun project into the party festivities, giving guests the opportunity to design and decorate their own guns, then have a rubber band battle. The solid construction of most wooden rubber band guns makes them durable enough to withstand use and abuse—and still leaves them in good enough condition to be sold or donated when your child's party guests no longer want them. Check out a company like Elastic Precision for more information on rubber band guns.

Repurposed jump ropes

Another gift that can double as a party project is the creation of colorful jump ropes from recycled plastic bags. For those who regularly collect plastic bags from grocery shopping trips, this can be one of the most inexpensive projects possible—all you'll need are some plastic bags, scissors, and duct tape. After cutting the handles off the bags and making a large rectangle, you'll then cut the bags into thin strips, which will be tied together until they're a little longer than you'd like the jump rope to be. Braid these strips together to create a rope, then tape the ends to prevent them from unraveling.

For younger children, you may want to do much of the prep work yourself and allow them to do the braiding and taping; older children may be able to start the process from scratch. Either way, you'll be able to end your party a few plastic bags lighter without adding needless waste to an area landfill—and your child's party guests will have a unique way to get some extra exercise.