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How You Can Replace The Fuel Pump On Your Small Outboard Motor

A sure sign the fuel pump on your outboard motor is going bad is when it only runs with the choke on. The choke forces more fuel into the motor to help it start, but, once the motor warms up, the choke should be turned off because too much fuel can damage internal parts in the motor. You need to replace the fuel pump to get your engine running properly again. Here is how you can change the fuel pump on a small outboard motor.

Fuel Filter Location

Stand behind the motor and take the cover off it. The fuel pump is typically located in the middle of the right or left side of the motor. The filter looks like a small square box with a couple of black hoses connected to it. If you can't find the fuel pump, look where the fuel line comes into the motor from the fuel tank and follow the line until you reach the little box-shaped fuel pump.

Testing the Fuel Pump

There is an easy test you can perform to see whether or not the fuel pump is working. You have to disconnect the fuel line hose that goes to the carburetor (this is the smaller fuel line) and start up the motor (there should be enough fuel in the system to turn over the motor and get it started long enough to do this test). If fuel does not come out of the line, then the fuel pump needs to be replaced.

Removing the Fuel Pump

There is a small fuel clip on the large fuel line. You can push up the clip with a small screwdriver to release the hose. The hose is connected to a nipple on the pump. You will remove the nipple and the hose from the pump together. The housing for the nipple has a small flathead screw in the middle of it. Unscrew the nipple and pull it off of the pump. Now, pull the nipple out of the hose and discard it.

There are four flathead screws at each corner of the fuel pump. You need to unscrew the top right screw and the lower left screw to remove the pump. You do not have to unscrew the other screws. unscrew the two screws and pull off the small fuel line that goes to the carburetor from the nipple on the pump. You can now pull the fuel pump off of the engine.

Remove Gasket

The gasket will usually stick to the metal on the engine. You can use a small flathead screwdriver to pry it off if it sticks. Clean the metal under the gasket with a wire brush to remove any remnants of the gasket.

Install New Gasket

Put a new gasket on the new fuel pump and place the pump onto the side of the motor. Screw the pump in place and reconnect the hoses. Start up the motor to make sure it runs well.

For more information on outboard motors and how to replace your fuel pump, contact a dealer like All Seasons Honda & Peninsula Ski-Doo.