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Motocross Vacation: Taking to Tracks and Trails Across Oregon

Riding the same track over and over is a marvelous way to get in shape for the big races. But when you want to combine your dedication to motocross with family fun, a vacation where you sample a variety of tracks and trails is a delightful way to go. With its wide range of climates and scenery, Oregon is a great destination for the whole family when you just want to buckle up your Gaerne boots and ride. Whether you haul your motorcycle in a trailer with camping gear and stay outdoors or relax in family-friendly hotels, you'll find there are plenty of places throughout the state to test your skills. And interspersed with your time on your motorbike, there are ample activities to enchant and entertain everyone on a vacation that will be truly memorable.

Playing and Racing in Portlandia

Portland, Oregon's largest city, has gained fame recently for its hipster culture portrayed in the TV comedy series Portlandia. Don't worry—not everyone is like the funny characters in the show. You'll find a huge community that shares your love of extreme riding at Thursday Night Motocross. Sign up to participate any Thursday from April through October when the racers and spectators enjoy some of the most exciting racing in the Pacific Northwest.

In nearby Sandy, Oregon, you can take to the track surrounded by Oregon's famous, tall evergreen forest at Mountain View MX Park. The challenging, well-groomed track is busy during the summer, and in the late fall when the famous Oregon rainy season kicks in, you can still practice if you have a big-frame bike.

Desert and Mountain Riding

Many visitors are surprised to discover that much of Oregon is high desert with a rugged mountain region in the northeast and picturesque rocky terrain in the southeast. Drier and warmer than the coastal side of the state, Central and Eastern Oregon destinations are ideal for motocross riding through much of the year. Oregonians love their great outdoors and have created specific areas where off-highway vehicle (OHV) operators can enjoy nature and riding at the same time. You'll need to obtain an Oregon ATV Permit to ride on any public lands unless you already have a permit in a state with reciprocal arrangements. Permits may be obtained online for a nominal fee.

Favorite riding areas include trail networks in the Blue Mountains, the John Day Wilderness Area, and the Wallowa Mountains.

The Oregon Coast

Crashing waves, sandy beaches, and superb sunsets will enchant the whole family when you take all or part of your vacation along the Oregon coast. Head to the southern portion of the state's majestic coastline for an awesome roundup of motorbike riding trails that will make you happy to gear up in boots and helmet every day of the trip. At Riley Ranch Park and Half Moon Bay you'll have access to hundreds of acres of sand-dune riding. RV and tent-camping spaces are available right next to the dune-riding areas, but comfortable hotel and motel lodging is available nearby.

The Winchester Trails are further inland and offer adventurous rides through forested land. You'll be close to the charming coastal town of Bandon, an ideal place for the family to take in the whole Oregon Coast experience. There's a delightful lighthouse to explore, an adorable downtown with quaint shops and boutiques, and great little restaurants and cafes where you can indulge in everything from fresh bakery goods to fresh seafood. Beachcombing for seashells and agates is awesome along this stretch of the shore, and you'll all enjoy the spectacular display of colors as the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean.

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