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Top 5 Motorcycle Accessories For The Avid Traveler

Using your motorcycle for the occasional joyride is one thing, but when you rely on your bike to take you on long trips of great distances, your bike becomes something else entirely. Long-distance road trips on a motorcycle are filled with advantages and things to see, but if you want to get the most out of your trip, any long-distance-traveling biker will tell you it is all about the accessories. Before you head out on the open road on your bike for your next big trip, check out these accessories you may want to include. 

Crash-Protecting Frame Sliders

No one ever wants to believe they could accidentally lay their bike over on the highway during a trip, but it can happen and when it does, your bike can be left scarred from handlebars to rear. Crash-protective frame sliders attach in a cinch and are designed to hold your bike off the road if you lay over a little too far and find yourself skidding sideways across the highway. 

Heavy-Duty Bike Cover

When you do park for the night, it is best if you can leave your motorcycle rightly protected from the elements. After all, it is never fun to wake to a soaked seat in the morning. Invest in a good lightweight but heavy-duty cover for your bike that is compact enough to fit into your saddlebags without taking up a lot of space. 

Simple Security System

If you want peace of mind when you leave your bike parked in a new place, having a simple security system can do just that. You don't have to go with anything sophisticated and expensive; a basic alarm system will do the trick. 

Cigarette Lighter Charging Station

Keeping your phone charged on the go when on a motorcycle is usually a hassle because most bikes don't have a cigarette lighter equipped. Make sure you invest in one of these specifically designed for a motorcycle before your trip. You can have this mounted on your handlebars, but it works out a lot better if the unit is tucked away in a saddlebag where you can keep your phone on the charger while it's charging without worry of it getting damaged or cords getting in the way. 

Handlebar-Mounted Cell Phone Holder

Speaking of cell phones, carrying one in your pocket on a long trip can mean worries of the thing being damaged. So invest in a good cell phone holder for your handlebars. This keeps the phone within reach and in sight so it can be used for navigation when needed.

Contact a motorcycle dealer for more information and advice.