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Advancing To Competition: Choosing A Leotard That Stands Up To Advanced Performance

Moving into competition level is a major accomplishment for every gymnast. Yet, this new stage in your child's sports journey will require some wardrobe adjustments. In competition, a gymnast's uniform must be comfortable enough for them to perform complicated routines while still creating a professional appearance that emphasizes skill and muscle definition. As you explore your options, use this guide to ensure that your gymnast's favorite leotard will make them stand out from the competition.

Focus On Fit

Looser clothing may be perfectly acceptable in beginner's gymnastics classes, and it is not uncommon to see parents purchase outfits with a little growing room. However, leotards should fit like a second skin when gymnasts advance into competitions. By making sure the fabric fits snugly against your child's skin, you will prevent it being caught on equipment while ensuring that they feel comfortable as they hold their poses.

Choose the Right Sleeve

Many gymnasts prefer the look of sleeveless styles, yet they are usually not preferred for competitions. Full-length sleeves, however, can be cumbersome and lead to overheating in warmer sports arenas. Three-quarter length sleeves are a happy medium that create a put-together look while having enough flexibility for comfort. Ultimately, the sleeves are a personal choice so let your gymnast try on a variety of options before you settle on a certain style.

Dress It Up

There is nothing like wearing a uniform that dazzles to bolster a young gymnast's confidence. Gymnastics leotards come in a variety of fabrics with embellishments such as rhinestones and sequins that draw the eye to the precision movements required to complete a routine. If your gymnast competes on a team, then choose a training leotard that is similar to their required uniform. For independent competitors, the sky is the limit. Encourage your child to fill their competition wardrobe with fabrics and glimmer that makes them feel like they can accomplish anything.

Once you find the right leotard, consider buying more than one of the same style so that your gymnast always has one available in case of a wardrobe malfunction. Sweat and traveling can take its toll so be sure to choose quality uniforms and review the care instructions before cutting out the tag. By giving your gymnast a suit that fits them perfectly while adding that extra something that stands out on the floor, you will show them that they have your full support as they move into a new stage of competition.