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Tips For Planning An Outdoor Wedding Reception During The Summer

If you are getting married this summer and have decided to have your wedding reception at an outdoor venue, then there are many things you need to take into consideration during the planning process. The excessive heat and humidity of the summer months can cause problems for your guests, food, and floral arrangements. To control the heat and keep everyone safe and comfortable at your reception, follow these time-tested tips:

Tip: Consider Getting Married Later in the Day or in the Early Evening

If you are expecting the daytime temperatures to be excessively high the month of your wedding, then you should seriously consider getting married later in the day or during the early evening hours. This simple schedule change will greatly lower your costs for air conditioning and refrigeration. 

Tip: Choose a Venue that Has Some Indoor Space for Your Guests

If you are getting married early in the day, then you should choose a wedding reception venue that has some indoor space where your guests can get out of the heat. For example, if you are using a local park for your reception, consider renting its banquet space or cabana. Having both indoor and outdoor spaces gives your guests some relief if the day of your wedding happens to be scorching hot. 

Tip: Air Condition Tents and Refrigerate Food and Flowers

If you are not able to rent indoor space for your summer wedding reception, then you should rent a tent. The tent should be set up in the shade under a tree if at all possible to keep it cooler. If this isn't possible, then you should place rented air conditioners into the tent to keep your guests comfortable.

Since the hot temperatures will melt your cake and can lead to food safety problems, you will need to plan for plenty of refrigeration space for each. Additionally, if you will be placing floral arrangements into the tent, then you need to make plans to keep them cool as well. 

Tip: Keep Your Guests Hydrated to Prevent Heat-Related Medical Issues

Finally, since heat-related medical issues are common during the summer months, it is vital that, when you are planning your wedding reception, you take the time to consider how to keep your guests hydrated. One way to keep your guests hydrated is to offer your guests lots of ice water. A second way to keep people cool and drinking liquids is to offer blended frozen drinks.