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Five Reasons Why A Pontoon Enclosure Is A Great Accessory For Your Watercraft

One great way to revamp your pontoon boat and increase its versatility is to invest in a pontoon enclosure. 

Pontoon enclosures come in many different designs that you can choose from depending on which function you want to take advantage of. The following are five of the biggest reasons why a pontoon enclosure is a good idea if you're looking for a pontoon accessory that's going to drastically improve your watercraft:

Offers passengers more privacy

It's nice to have some privacy on board when you want to change into a swimsuit or enjoy some family peace and quiet while aboard. Half enclosures can put some walls up and provide added seclusion out on the water if one of your fellow passengers wants to take a nap or sit back and relax.  

Protects passengers from the wind

Strong winds can make a boat trip much less comfortable than it could be. Furthermore, safety is another big concern when you're pontooning with heavy winds. Fortunately, you can easily protect yourself and other passengers with an enclosure. 

Protects passengers from the sun

Most pontoon boat owners do most of their boating during the summer months when the sun's out at full force. No sun protection on your pontoon boat can lower comfort levels on board and also put boaters at risk of frequent sunburn and the resulting increase in skin cancer risk.

It's important to consider that the sun doesn't only damage the skin of boaters. It can also cause premature fading and aging of vinyl upholstery aboard pontoon boats. A pontoon enclosure can therefore keep your boat looking newer longer

Extends the boating season

Pontoon enclosures can often make it possible to take out your pontoon boat later in the season. Because they offer wind protection, they can fend off the wind chill and keep you comfortable while aboard even as the temperature drops.

By providing shade against the sun, pontoon enclosures can also make it possible to boat during extremely hot times of the year when boating without an enclosure could put you at risk of heat exhaustion or heat stroke.

Makes camping aboard a pontoon boat more comfortable

Pontoon camping is great and allows you to enjoy the full boating experience so you can stay out on your boat around the clock. An enclosure provides you with a floating campsite that is basically already set up for you whenever you're ready to call it a night.

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