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Inspect Your Bullets

The technology that has gone into guns and ammo is amazing. From the muskets to modern firearms, a lot of advances have made guns tremendous weapons. No matter if you are shooting a shotgun, pistol, or rifle, they have been advanced so you can do almost anything that you want. Along with the advances in guns comes the advances that come with the ammunition that goes into those guns. The ammunition that you will be shooting will be coming from a factory that specializes in ammunition production. You can find loads that are specifically developed for self defense, hunting, or just practice. Although the ammunition that you will be shooting will come from the factory, you are still going to need to inspect your ammunition before you put it in your gun. It would only take one flawed bullet to do some serious damage to you or your gun. Here are some tips when inspecting your ammunition.


One of the most important aspects or parts to inspect on your bullets is going to be the primers. The primer at the bottom of the bullet and appears almost like a button. This is where the firing pin of the gun strikes. When the firing pin strikes the primer it sparks and ignites the gun powder. The powder igniting is what forces the bullet out of the casing and down the barrel of your gun. However, if there is something wrong with the primer it could be dangerous. When inspecting the primer make sure that it is flush with the bottom of the bullet. Also make sure that there is no nick or impression on the primer. 


Make sure that where the casing of the bullet is in good shape. The casing is what makes up the majority of the bullet. It is the brass portion of the bullet. You need to make sure that the casing is in very good condition. One of the first things to check is the neck of the bullet. This is where the bullet goes from a bigger diameter to a smaller diameter. The neck is where the actual projectile, bullet, is housed. Check the neck of the casing for any fractures or tears. Also check that the casing not misshapen in any way. The bullet should be symmetrical and should not be oblong in any way. If you find that a bullet is not in good shape be sure not to put it in your gun.

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