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Beach Volleyball Indoors? You Can "Set" It Up

As a sports bar, you want to offer patrons so much more than just sports TV, hot wings, and beer. Sure, you could offer dancing and/or live music acts, but as a sports bar, should you not offer some kind of sports? What about beach volleyball, indoors? You can actually do that, and here is how.

Build a "Sun and Fun" Room

If you have a spare room or two off to the side of the main bar, you can transform this into a "sun and fun" room. You will need to rip up the concrete floor, install a wood floor, then cover the wood floor with several tons of fresh, clean sand. When this room is not used for volleyball, you can use it for beach parties and "beach weddings." Throw in several lounge chairs and umbrella tables, crank up the temperature when the room is in use, and it is complete.

Buy Volleyball Indoor System

A volleyball indoor system includes the posts used to erect the fence and keep it up. Extra tie-down lines are also included if you want to be sure the volleyball net stays in place. If you want to make the net more mobile, you can sink the posts into five-gallon pails of concrete, wait for the concrete to dry, and then move the poles to any location in your "sun and fun" room you want before stretching the volleyball net between them. If you want to take the net down or move it to a different spot in the room, take the net off of the pole clips and move the five-gallon buckets of concrete with the poles. One standard-sized volleyball is included in most kits, but you can buy a beach volleyball or other types of balls to play the game. You can buy volleyball indoor system kits from many sports suppliers.

Arrange and Sponsor a Volleyball Team

If you get enough patrons that are interested, you can arrange for and sponsor a volleyball team. Your bar's team can play off against other bar teams during the summer. While others are forming bowling leagues, your sports bar can offer something a little more fun. Because you have an indoor volleyball system, you can play games rain or shine too. Other teams in the area may just decide to relocate rain games to your bar, which in turn becomes bigger profits for all of the spectators coming in to see your team and the opposing team play.