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Upgrading Your AR-15: What Do You Need?

If you're a beginner interested in collecting firearms, you are likely to have some interest in rifles such as the popular AR-15. However, in order to get the most out of using your firearm, you might want to consider picking up some of the items below to upgrade it.


One of the things you're most likely to need right away is a sling. A sling will attach to the rifle and give you the opportunity to use your hands for other purposes without having to set the rifle down. Not only that, but a sling can assist you in stabilizing the firearm so that it can be steadier as you shoot.

You may opt for a sling in a variety of materials from vinyl to nylon. Whatever material you choose, ensure that it is adjustable so that if your weight fluctuates or you want better control of the rifle, you are still comfortable.

Trigger Guard

Your trigger finger may be steady, but the stock trigger that comes with y.our rifle could be contributing to shots that aren't as accurate as you'd like. Getting a trigger guard will allow a cleaner break when you pull the trigger, which means that your shot is more accurate.

Red Dot Sight

Another thing that you can add to your AR-15 is a red dot sight. Every rifle comes with standard sights, but being able to see your target marked with a red dot can help you to focus better before you take the shot.


If you're shooting with low levels of light, a flashlight mounted on your rifle will help guide your way. This can be an invaluable tool, because a mounted flashlight allows you to keep both of your hands on the rifle at all times. You won't be fumbling with a handheld flashlight when it's time to take a shot.


There are many grips out there that you can use for your rifle; they help you hold on to the rifle more tightly, which can mean greater control. You will need to try out a few before knowing which makes your shots more accurate. Different people prefer different models depending on the size of their hands and how they hold the firearm.

These items can enhance your experiences with an AR-15 rifle. Talk to other shooters and retailers like DSGARMS nearby to find even more ways to upgrade your firearm.