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Are You Making Huge Changes In Your Landscaping Design?

When you picture your back yard, do you see toys littered everywhere? Or, maybe you see just a plain lawn with only a few trees that were there when you moved into your house. Whatever the scenario, if you have decided that this is the year that you will have a beautiful back yard, you might be looking for suggestions. If so, from adding an aboveground swimming pool to creating a patio area, here are some ideas that might help. 

Add An Aboveground Swimming Pool - Have you always wanted a swimming pool in your back yard? Perhaps your kids have been begging you for a pool. Yet, when you priced traditional in-ground swimming pools, you might have discovered that the cost was prohibitive. Don't worry. Check out the price of an aboveground swimming pool and you will more than likely be amazed at how affordable they are.

Besides being really affordable, aboveground pools are so easy to install that yours will more than likely be ready for swimming the evening of the installation, or at least the next day, after it has had enough time to be filled with water. In addition, aboveground swimming pools come in different sizes and shapes. The agent that sells you your aboveground pool will be happy to suggest the best one for your own back yard. He or she will more than likely have pictures of pools that will be perfect for the size and shape of your back yard.

Since you have decided to beautify your backyard, consider landscaping the area around your new swimming pool, too. For example, consider having large pots full of colorful, lush plants to add interest to the area. If there are trees near the pool, enhance them by hanging things like ferns and decorative bird houses from the tree branches. 

Add A Patio Area - Another way to make changes in your back yard is to include a patio area close to the aboveground swimming pool. Consider having flagstones or bricks as the foundation of your patio. Faux painted concrete would be another good choice. All of those materials will be easy to care for and will last for a very long time.

Buy outdoor furniture that will fit your needs. For example, if you will be having meals in the patio area, you'll probably want to select a table and chairs for that purpose. Think of selecting wrought iron, outdoor wicker, or outdoor rattan furniture. And, consider buying colorful seat cushions to add interest and comfort. 

Add pizzazz to the patio area by placing pots filled with plants in strategic places. An outdoor water fountain as the table centerpiece would be a nice touch, too.