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Five Mistakes To Avoid The First Time You Try Blackbuck Antelope Hunting

Hunters who are going on a hunt for blackbuck antelope for the first time should do some research beforehand. There are some unique factors regarding blackbuck antelope that make it so that hunters might want to change a few of their focuses during the hunt for the best chances of success.

The following are five mistakes hunters need to avoid your first time out blackbuck antelope hunting:

Not putting enough effort into the planning stages of the hunt

You'll make the job much easier for yourself if you plan things out strategically by going where the antelope are most likely to be at the time of your hunt. To do this, you need to study the habitat and habits of antelope. 

Antelope are likely to be where food is plentiful. They're also likely to head to sunny areas in colder weather. Do some research to decide on where your hunting area will be for the best results.

Having no GPS or an inadequate GPS along with you

It's important to realize that antelope are fast and tend to move around more quickly and cover more ground than many other types of prey. This means that you may need to move around a bit when you're doing your tracking. For this, a good GPS is essential. Make sure you have a reliable handheld GPS along with you during the hunt.

Making any noise whatsoever during your hunt

Antelope have exceptional hearing. You could ruin your entire day of hunting if you give yourself away by making too much noise. One of the most important things you need to do during an antelope hunt is wearing boots that aren't going to make noise as you move. Also, avoid walking through a lot of vegetation that's likely to rustle and make noises with each footstep. 

Allowing your prey to catch your scent in the wind

It's essential to always move against the wind so that your scent is not going to be blown toward the blackbuck antelope that you're hunting. An antelope's sense of smell is strong just like its sense of hearing. If an antelope catches your scent, it will be likely to flee the area quickly.

Focusing your entire hunt on the afternoon hours

Blackbuck antelope have a tendency to be out and about more early and late in the day as opposed to in the afternoon. Therefore, it's a good idea to be out hunting in the morning and evening.