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Alligator Is OUT! Leather Accessories That Use Other Types Of Skins

Once upon a few decades ago alligator hides were the main attraction for everything from boots to wallets to purses. A ban on alligator hides occurred not too long ago, when the American alligator was placed on the endangered species list. Since then the alligator has once again flourished, but human interests have switched away from alligator skin to skins of a more exotic nature. The following animal skins have taken the place of alligator hides where wallets, boots, purses, and belts are concerned. 

Boa Leather

This is not "feather boa." This Is leather boa. The difference is that feather boas are made of ostrich feathers, while leather boa items are made from boa constrictor skins. Giant boa constrictors that are caught and trapped in the Florida Everglades and neighboring states where these animals have become massive invasive pests are turned into leather and meat. The skins are turned into boa leather bi-fold wallets at places like 2nd Amendment Guns and Repair and other stores. 


Python, like its boa cousin, is a hot item for leather accessories. Additionally, pythons that are released by pet owners into the wild often become too large for most zoos and animal rescue programs, so they become leather items. In fact, python is so popular as a type of leather that there are a number of faux leather companies creating knock-off python and boa accessories. The demand for snake leathers cannot be satisfied by the supply of available natural snake skins. 


Egyptian camel leather is nothing new. However, it is also a popular hide and plentiful enough because the price of camel leather items can cost less than cow hide items. You can choose between the soft, supple leather where all of the camel's fur has been removed, or select hide accessories where the fur is still present. In some instances, designers will dye the fur different colors to make the accessories more attractive to women. 

Water Buffalo

Water buffalo? Why not? They are the Asian equivalent to the American domesticated cow, so it is not so far-fetched to make leather goods from the water buffalo's hide. Even better, these accessories are water proof. So, if you are prone to getting your boots wet, dropping your wallet in puddles, or you regularly find yourself in a rain storm where your purse gets pelted with rain, water buffalo hide may be the ideal solution to these common problems that plague the accessories you own.