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Should You Choose Aluminum Or Steel When Buying A Trailer Storage Box?

If you are considering a trailer storage box, you typically can choose between steel and aluminum. Many people may assume there is no major difference in the two materials when it comes to a toolbox, but there are some major benefits to aluminum over steel. Here are some examples:

Aluminum Is Lighter

Steel is much heavier than aluminum. When you buy an aluminum storage box, you are putting less weight onto the trailer, your truck, or wherever you choose to use it. The lighter weight of the aluminum will be easier on your tow vehicle. It is best to keep the load on your tow vehicle as light as you can. This not only improves your gas mileage but is also less damaging to your tow vehicle.

Aluminum Is Less Corrosive

If you purchase a steel trailer storage box, it likely has a special coating to prevent any rust and corrosion from building up. However, as soon as you get a nick in the coating, you will eventually begin to notice rust in the area. This will not happen with an aluminum trailer storage box. Aluminum does not rust or corrode as long as it is treated for corrosion. Even without the treatment, however, aluminum is less prone to corrosion than steel. An aluminum trailer storage box will last much longer than steel, which means you will not have to replace it as often.

Aluminum Is a Better Value

When you compare steel and aluminum trailer storage boxes, you may notice that steel boxes are less expensive. However, you need to keep the value of aluminum in mind. While you will pay a bit more for an aluminum box, you will have it for a much longer period of time than you will a steel storage box. Aluminum lasts longer and will be used for a longer period of time. You may have to purchase more than one steel storage box in the time you could have only purchased one slightly more expensive aluminum storage box. Also, keep in mind that the price of steel and aluminum changes with the flow of the market. So, you may find at some point that the prices are similar or even a less expensive option for aluminum.

If you are in the market for a storage box for your trailer, consider aluminum over steel. You will find that it is of higher quality and overall a good value for the money.