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Reasons To Obtain A Multi-State Concealed Carry Permit

Carrying a firearm in a concealed manner upon leaving the house is something that many people choose to do in order to feel more secure. If you've just bought a handgun and are thinking about carrying it daily, your next step will be to think about what permit you'll need. While some gun owners opt for a concealed carry permit issued by their state, another option is to apply for a multi-state concealed carry permit. This is a permit that allows you to legally cross state lines with your concealed firearm. There are a number of reasons to pursue getting this type of permit, including the following points.

Less Hassle

Some people obtain a permit from their state and then seek to obtain additional permits from other states that they visit. This can especially be an option for those who live close to the border between two states and travel across this border regularly. It's important to note that obtaining multiple permits can be a hassle, given the amount of paperwork that is required. It's a simpler, faster process to work toward a multi-state permit instead of getting permits from several different states. You may also find that a multi-state permit costs you less money than applying for several permits.

More Confidence

If you were to only obtain a permit to carry a concealed firearm in your state, you might have to leave the firearm at home in advance of plans to travel across the border. For someone who feels most secure with a gun in their possession, the thought of being without your firearm when you cross into a neighboring state can be unpleasant. For example, you might have plans to spend a family vacation in a different state but constantly feel on edge that you might not be able to adequately protect your loved ones. With a multi-state permit, you can travel with your gun and feel confident about your security.

Less Risk Of Legal Issues

With a permit to carry in only one state, there's a risk that you could inadvertently find yourself in legal trouble. For example, if you were to leave your home with your gun in your possession and decide to take a spontaneous trip across the state line for any purpose, you might forget about your gun and not think about how you aren't able to legally carry it in the neighboring state. Should a police officer pull you over for a traffic infraction and ask if you have a firearm, you'd need to divulge this — and this could result in serious legal consequences. A multi-state permit will prevent such an issue from occurring.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers a multi-state permit to carry.