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Three Things You Will Need On Your Deep Sea Fishing Charter

There is nothing on earth that is quite like a deep sea fishing charter. It is breath-taking, a little scary, and nothing short of beautiful at all times, and it will challenge you physically if you want it to. It is also some of the most fun that you can have while fishing, which is why so many people swear by it when they come home. If you are going on a deep sea fishing charter and want to know how to be prepared then here are some items and steps you should take to make sure you have the most fun possible.


There is not a lot of space to hide from the elements when out deep sea fishing. When you get back from a full day of fishing, the last thing you want is a sunburn, so ensuring you have enough sunblock to continually reapply it is vital. However, many people also get affected by the strong winds, particularly around their lips. A nice lip balm can prevent cracked lips that quickly will get stung by the salty water. Those two skincare items are essential for any rookie out on the open ocean unless you want your prevailing memory to be one of pain!


This storage isn't for you, but rather for the fish you will catch! Virtually all deep sea fishing charters end up with full hauls because of the advanced equipment and the plentiful amount of fish out in those far reaches. While the boat itself will have storage for the fish while you are on it, when you get back to land you want to have an icebox ready to put your catch straight into. It would be very disappointing to have a bunch of exquisite fish only for it to go bad before you can enjoy it!

Sea Sickness Medication

Sea sickness is really just another term for motion sickness, and if you aren't accustomed to being out on the water then you will almost certainly get some degree of this during a deep sea fishing charter. Don't let this ruin your day, especially in such a unique and beautiful place in the world. See your doctor before going out and ask what medications they recommend. Scopolamine is a common medication that can help, but so can Dramamine and meclizine, as well as a host of others. if you can, go out on shorter boat trips before your deep sea fishing charter to build up a tolerance and also to practice your fishing skills!