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Center Console Boats: Custom Fishing Upgrades

Center console boats can be versatile fishing machines. If you're looking to put more trophy catches onto the deck of your center console boat, the right custom fishing upgrades can make a big difference.

Here are some custom fishing upgrade ideas to consider for your center console boat.

Technology Upgrades

In the past few years, fishing technology has advanced exponentially. Having the right technology on your center console boat can help you locate more fish, stalk them with more stealth, and extend the battery life you need to make it all happen.

  • Go Live: the latest sonar technology can allow you to see what's beneath, beside, or directly in front of your boat with clarity and certainty. If your center console boat is currently outfitted with a standard depth finder or fish finder, you're probably missing critical information about the structure that holds fish and what type of fish are schooling in an area. When it comes to choosing the right live sonar unit to buy, it's important to consider two critical factors. First, you must make sure you have a powerful enough battery unit. If your battery isn't strong enough, it will drain quickly. Second, you need to consider the average depth you fish. If you mostly fish in shallower waters, you can probably get away with a less expensive unit.
  • Go Stealth: fish can detach vibrations the way that humans can see things from miles away. If you're using a trolling unit with a brushed motor, it's likely to vibrate much more than a brushless trolling unit. The latest brushless models can also come with Bluetooth compatibility that allows you to control your unit from your phone or a wireless remote.
  • Go Lithium: most marine-grade batteries are deep cycle. Although these batteries are relatively cheap, they can have a number of drawbacks. First, they tend to be heavy. Second, they tend to take a long time to charge and will drain if run heavily. Upgrading to lithium-ion batteries might cost more, but you're likely to save some serious weight on your deck and also get more out of each charge.

Storage Upgrades

Center console boats should optimize deck space. Having the ability to store more rods, reels, and fishing gear can make you a more versatile fisherman.

  • Trolling Mounts: upgrading standard rod mount for trolling mounts can transform your ability to do more with the rods on your deck. When choosing trolling mounts, it's important to consider the angle of each rod hold so that you have enough clearance to troll multiple rods simultaneously.

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