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3 Tricks To Catching The Big Salmon

Salmon can be a tricky fish to catch. That's part of what makes it fun for a lot of people. If you are going to go out and catch some salmon for the first time, you want to be able to come home with some fish to share with your family. You need to have some tips and tricks to get the biggest fish possible. 

Check the Fishing Rules

Before you toss your first cast, make sure you know all the rules surrounding fishing for whatever species of salmon you are going for and the state in which you are fishing. You don't want to pull in the perfect fish only to find out that you did something wrong, and not only will you not get to keep your fish, but you may also have to pay fines. If you hire a guide or a charter, then they should help make sure that you have everything you need to fish legally. 

Buy Red Line

As the light diffuses underwater, various colors will start to disappear. The first color to fade is going to be red. Using a red line means that the line will seem to disappear when it is far enough underwater. If the fish can't see the line, they will be less likely to try to avoid it. If you pair the red line with a nice, shiny, blingy lure, it will look like the lure is an actual bait fish and call the salmon to it. When looking for your flashy lure, remember that colors fade out as you go deeper, so if you are going to fish deep, get something blue or UV. 

Wait for the Clouds

Salmon like to hide and be sneaky. That means they aren't going to want to be out when it is bright and sunny. So, wait until it is a cloudy and overcast day. The salmon are going to be more likely to be active. An added benefit is that you are less likely to cast a shadow over the water that would otherwise scare the fish away. 

If you go fishing for salmon, you want to come home with a lovely haul. There are tips and tricks that you can use that will help you catch the big fish and have a lot of fun while doing it. If you hire a charter or a guide, they will be able to give you a few more tips to help you. 

For more information on salmon fishing, contact a company near you.