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What To Bring On A Week-Long Sailboat Charter

A full week-long sailboat charter requires careful packing, as getting to a convenience store isn't exactly convenient when you have to sail there. If you're chartering a sailboat, make sure to pack the following items in your bags.

A couple of Swimsuits 

One of the highlights of a sailboat charter is swimming off of the boat. You can swim in deep water and beautiful coves that are unreachable by land. You can go into the water when anchored, or when the boat's sitting still during a lull of wind.

You may want to go swimming multiple times in a single day, and quite likely at least once each day. To ensure that you can comfortably get dressed for swimming each time you go, pack two swimsuits rather than one.

Your swimsuit might not have time to dry fully between swim sessions. Putting on a semi-wet swimsuit is difficult and uncomfortable -- no one wants to be wet before they're in the water. Having two swimsuits allows you to alternate between them, giving each enough time to dry before you use it again.

A Fishing Pole, Line, and a Lure

Even if you aren't an avid angler, sailing is a great opportunity to fish for hours. Cast a line over the stern as you sail along, and the speed of the sailboat will act as a natural trolling motor. You might not catch anything, but you also could get a fish without ever sitting down specifically to cast your line.

To ensure that you notice when a fish bites your lure, attach a little bell to the end of your fishing pole. The pull of a bite will move the tip of your pole, thus causing the bell to jingle.

Warm Clothes

The air can cool off quickly on the water, dropping several degrees soon after the sun sets. Make sure to bring a few warm changes of clothes, such as pants, long-sleeve shirts, and sweatshirts, so you can be warm even if sailing in a light breeze during the night. On nights without a breeze, the long sleeves will also help prevent bugs from biting.


Any number of adventurous opportunities could come along during your week-long sailing charter, and some will undoubtedly cost money. For example, you might find a fun tour, an unexpected farm that sells produce, or something else fun. Always keep some cash on you, so you can take advantage of such opportunities even if they don't take credit cards.