Three Unique Goody Bag Gifts For Your Child's Party

If you're like many parents, you can't stand the thought of guests leaving your child's birthday party without a goody bag or some sort of souvenir of thanks for their attendance. However, planning the contents of the goody bags at your child's birthday party can sometimes be almost as stressful as planning the party itself. You may not want to foist cheap plastic toys or sugary candy on other parents and could be reluctant to spend money on cheap items that are likely to be thrown in the trash within a day or two. [Read More]

7 Must-Have Accessories For Your New Hot Tub

Buying a hot tub can majorly improve your quality of life, letting you relax and enjoy the many hot tub benefits whenever you feel like it. To maximize your enjoyment of your new hot tub, it's important to not overlook accessories. Here are seven must-have hot tub accessories that will make your hot tub even more convenient and enjoyable while also helping it to last longer: Wireless Floating Speakers Every hot tub needs music to create the right atmosphere. [Read More]

Learn How To Track Down Motorcycle Vacuum Leaks Like A Pro

Some of the biggest carbureted motorcycle repair headaches can come from the smallest of problems. A small vacuum leak can cause big problems with your carbureted motorcycle's drivability, performance and even fuel economy. In order to put this problem to bed, you'll first need to learn how to recognize the signs of a vacuum leak as well as how to track it back to its source. Understanding the Symptoms Vacuum leaks are often caused by small cracks and holes in the various rubber components on or near the carburetor. [Read More]

Use These Safety Strategies To Make Your Rafting Outing Safe

If you have a high sense of adventure, you might love the idea of visiting a whitewater adventure center and being led down the river by experienced guides. However, if you'd rather try an outdoor activity that provides a little less adrenaline, you can buy an inflatable raft and hit your local lake or river for an afternoon of fun. Even if you aren't traveling through whitewater, you may occasionally come across an area with a strong current or some moderate waves, which can provide a bit of a thrill. [Read More]